where are real crypto advisors?

There are many financial advisors and investment professionals who specialize in cryptocurrencies and can provide guidance and advice on investing in this asset class. Here are some ways to find reputable crypto advisors:

  1. Ask for referrals: Ask friends, family, or colleagues who have invested in cryptocurrencies if they can recommend a reputable crypto advisor or investment professional.
  2. Online research: Look for online reviews and ratings of crypto advisors or investment professionals. Check out their websites and social media profiles to learn more about their experience, qualifications, and investment philosophy.
  3. Industry organizations: Look for industry organizations or associations that focus on cryptocurrencies, such as the Blockchain Association or the Digital Asset Investment Forum. These organizations may be able to provide a list of reputable advisors or professionals in your area.
  4. Credentials: Look for advisors who hold relevant credentials or certifications, such as the Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) or Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP) designations.
  5. Due diligence: Once you have identified potential crypto advisors, do your due diligence and research their background, credentials, and reputation. Check with regulatory authorities to ensure they are licensed and in good standing.

It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced advisor who can help you navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies and make informed investment decisions. Always do your research and seek the advice of a professional before making any investment decisions.