Trump comes out fighting following court appearance

an American the circus was familiar butthe circumstance unique the formerpresident speaking for the first time asa criminal defendant walking to thestage like a boxer to the ring and thiswas classic Donald Trump counterpunching lights on the facts and heavyon the attacks I never thought anythinglike thiscould happen in America never thought itcould happenthe only crime that I have committed isto fearlessly defend our nation fromthose who seek to destroy it.

this facecare was brought only to interfere with the upcoming 2024 election and it should be dropped immediately possible to get inside Donald Trump’shead to know what he’s really thinking beneath the bravado but somewhere BehindThese Walls at Mar-A-Lago he is still digesting the full detail of the case against him his allies in the Tabloidmedia have come out to back him theythink these are trumped-up charges toopolling shows those who supported himbefore still do would this indictment affect whether you vote for him or notno no not at all no it just seems like aploy by the Democratic party trying toymaker sure that he’s not able to run sideby side in restaurants and bars across America people with wildly different views I was in high school when George Wabash was elected and I remember thinking like oh this is terrible like we don’t want someone who’s conservative IN office like I disagree with this man and am now longing for the days of a BushJunior Senior reagan-esque contribute in the Sunshine State there is the possibility that Donald Trump could be eclipsed by a rival close to homer Honda saints Florida’s governor a Manwich Trumpian politics is also likely Torun to be the Republican nominee in2024.

would do the Republican Party:

oh I absolutely would vote for Iran but I think it would do us all or would do the Republican Party Justice if Donald Trump would just step back and promote a new candidate[Applause]Trump though Remains the most likely Challenger for the White House despite the possibility that he may be on trial when campaigning begins it would be another breathtaking chapter in apolitical career which continues to divide this country Martha Kellner Skewes Florida

Trump: What charges is the former US President facing?

Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to 34counts of falsifying business records in the first degree in a New York courtroom yesterday and we’ll get to the consequences the questions raised by thecae but let’s start with the charges now each count has to do with payments to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who’s already served prison time foraying hush money for the president to form our adult film actress Stormy Daniels and that is probably the best-known case a hundred and thirty thousand dollars was repaid to Mr. Kern after heaped Miss Daniels to stay quiet about her alleged sexual encounter with Trumpback in 2006. Mr. Trump denies he sleptwith Daniels but he has acknowledged paying Cohen the money another payment thirty thousand dollars was made throughAmi American Media Inc the corporateparent of the Tabloid newspaper National Enquirer that was to buy The Silence of former Trump Tower doorman who is claiming apparently falsely that Trump fathered a child out of wedlock and prosecutors also claimed that Ami paidPlayboy model Karen McDougall a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in exchange for her agreement not to speak out about the alleged affair with Trump in 2006.and district attorney Alvin Bragg described this practice as a catch andkill scheme to boost Trump’s electoral prospects this involves identifying negative information buying thatinformation through means like hushmoney and then suppressing it now all ofthat might sound familiar because wehave heard a lot of it before but usually these would be classed asmisdemeanors falsifying business recordsrather than felonies but they’re beingcharged as felonies because the New Yorkprosecutor wants to prove the recordswere falsified with an intent to commitAid or conceal another crime in thiscase the D.A says the crime was attemptsto violate state and federal electionlaws each count carries a maximumpenalty of four years in prison but evenif Trump is found guilty many legalexperts thinks it’s unlikely he wouldserve prison time and the case isn’texpected to go into trial until nextyear so it could be well into the 2024presidential campaign.

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