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The Aztecs are back home in San Diegoand they got quite a warm welco.I’ll show you. Coming up.With all this hype around San Diego State,is it going to make it tougher oget accepted to the university?Plus the high cost of keepinga Russian super yacht docked inSan Diego Bay and the deer thatescaped a Mountain Lion attack ethis was captured on camera andfrom the coast to a Campo museu?How exactly did they move alocomotive without train tracks?CBS8 News Live at six starts nowa huge welcome home for the San DiegoState men’s basketball team as yarrived back in San Diego. Good evening.Thanks so much for joining us.I’m Marcella Lee. I’m Carlo chiquetto.The team just landed a few hours ago,made their way straight tocampus where fans were waiting.CBS 8, Chan and Handy has allthe excitement from campus.It was quite a scene out here.Across from Viejas Arena on cam,a couple of 100 people gatheredto welcome the Aztecs home.

They say win or lose,they are incredibly proud of this team,which is why they showedup in a big way. Momentsafter touching downin San Diego Tuesday,buses carrying the SDSU men’s basketballteam headed straight to campus,where fans chanted and cheered.All of them excited andeager to welcome them home.Oh, absolutely. I mean, what to.These guys are bad. It’s amazin.We’re just very excited.It was a great season, so we just wantto make sure they feel welcome .The warm welcome comes less than 24 hoursafter Monday night’s loss against UConn.The game itself historic.It’s the first time the team hasmade it this far in school hist.Aztecs forward has shot Johnson,says he feels lucky tohave had the experience.And for all the support along the way weblessed to make it that far in general.And you know they they counted .A lot of people count us out.But these fans stuck with us throughout thethick and thin memories last a lifetime.Most dead.

Most dead.This was this a memory that lasts forever.As for head coach Brian Dutcheretoo feels blessed saying while he washoping for a different outcome gettingthis far is the next best thing.We wish we could havebrought the title home but.We gave it everything we had.We put a great effort inand we’re celebrating with San oState in the city of San Diego.Coach, you made all of San Diego proud.Thank you for what you do andthank you to your players.Thanks for everything.Appreciate you guys.As for what’s next,a citywide parade is being plandtentatively for this Saturdaymorning in the downtown area.We will share more details as wtthem reporting from San Diego S.I’m Shannon Handy for CBS8.Thank you, Shannon.And with the hype aroundSan Diego State right now,there is new interest inattending the school.Coming up at 6:30 C,BS8 to Abby Black talked toprospective students and thevice president of enrollmentat SDSU about the Impact MarchMadness is having on the schoolapplications to get into the sc.Right now, California has one ofthe largest snow packs on recor,and with the warmer weather,snow is going to start to meltand cause water levels to rise.Cbsa’s Rocio de la Fey shows uswit’s already impacting Otai Lak.

The series of winter stormswe saw earlier in the year iscausing rising river and streamflow levels not seen in years,including here at Otai Lakes.The Savage Dam at the LowerOtai reservoirs spilling over.It’s a result of high water lev,which currently reach 137.38 fe.The dam is about 98% full.As you know, we’ve had a lot ofrain in this water year this wi.Over the last three or four mon,we’ve had a lot of rain.Drone video shows this pathway eyou typically walk on is underw,including the boat ramp.The water in this dam couldbe from some snowpack melt.A lot of the estuaries and a lotof the finger from these mountasare from these hills all kindof come down into this area,which is why we’re seeingthe water levels so high.Currently water spilling at a rate ofapproximately 30 million gallons per day.The city of San Diego Zotai watrtreatment plant typically pullswater from both the reservoirand aqueduct based on demand.To avoid spilling.The city began drawing 100%reservoir water back on March 1.

several weeks for the water:

They expect it will take several weeks for the water to reach below a where it will stop spilling. The damage is filling up. And when there’s no more water to go, waters is going to spill over spillway down into the old Thai River Valley and head W toward the Ba,which is a completely normal function. This comes as state officials recalling on Californians to be mindful when near or around bodies of according to the state’s parks, division of boating and waterwa,the Department of Water ResourcnCal Fire, water levels are expected triose quickly as snowpack begin to melt. Emergency services manager for city of Chula Vista, Marlin Kinases you should expect levels. Authorize even more in the coming months.Makesure you know the rules, and make sure you educate yoursfjust about water safety in gene. Californians are being encouragdto wait until summer to go in tewater when conditions are safer.Recia de la Faye, CBS8thank you, Rocio.

The County Board of Supervisorssexpected to discuss options to replaceNathan Fletcher at its meeting on May 2nd.Fletcher is resigning from the damid allegations of sexual assa.At today’s meeting,Chairwoman Nora Vargas said thepast week has been challenging,but she wants to assure people in thecounty that she and her colleagues arecommitted to moving the process forward.A new lawsuit is blaming a quot,negligent pursuit for the deathfa cyclist in Carlsbad last summ.Bradley Catcott was killed last summerwhen a motorcyclist being chased by aCalifornia Park Ranger on this stretch of Carlsbad ran into the 68 year old.Catcott’s family is looking for answersand an undisclosed financial re.The lawsuit questions the Rangesdecision to chase the motorcycltafter a basic traffic violation.Last month,a judge sentenced that motorcyctto four years in prison,but the family says they havea lifetime of pain to endure.

A spokesperson for state parks tells usthey cannot comment on pending litigation.For more on the crash and the lawsuit,you can go to one year later,the Super yacht seized in Fiji rthe invasion of Ukraine is still dockedin San Diego Bay off National C.the US Justice Department saysit’s owned by a Russian oligarc.A CBS8’s David Gofferson reportsattorneys representing the boatsowner are working to get it bac.It’s been almost a yearsince the Ahmadiyya, a348 foot Russian super yacht,sailed into San Diego Bay.After being seized in Fiji bythe US Department of Justice,the yacht remains in thecustody of the US government,docked in National city,even though a forfeiture courtcase still has not been filed.It has two baby grand pianos,one of which is hand painted,has a mosaic tiled pool.It has silk carpets,silk furnishings that need to be kept.In an air conditioned environme,the maintenance of the three$125 million vessel costs anestimated $1,000,000 per month,according to this petition filedrecently in the Fiji Supreme Co.Attorneys representing the claidowner of the Amadea are worriedthe yacht is not being properlymaintained by government contractors.Petitioner understands that theAmadea has been docked in SanDiego for nearly the past year.And maintained in a manner belowthe required maritime standards,which is causing significant risand depreciation, the petition reads.You might think you know youcan lock up a super yacht andwalk away and come back whenthe war in Ukraine is over.But in reality these thingstake a lot of maintenance.Journalist Stephanie Bakerwith Bloomberg News has doneextensive research on the amade.She spoke to me via zoom from London.It needs to be washed regularly on theoutside so it doesn’t have to undergoa multimillion dollar paint job.So these super yachts are sittigbasically in a hostile environment ofseawater and humidity that they will startdegrading unless they’re taken care of.After the Russian invasion of Ukraine,the Department of Justice formedthe Task Force Klepto capture toenforce economic sanctions agaita number of Russian oligarchs,including billionaire Solomon Kirimov,who the DOJ argues is the true rof the Ahmadiyya.

The petition,filed in the Fiji Supreme Court,argues the yachts owner is an unsanctionedRussian tycoon named Edward Kudenitov.And the seizure of the Ahmadiyya was illegal.the US government has decided togo after these playthings of theRussian elite to crack down onwhat they say is sanctions evas.And they’re they’re taking a tohline on this and they do wanteventually to be able to take teproceeds from these assets anduse them to help rebuild Ukrain.The petition also claims the maintenancecosts would have been paid by teyachts owner, not US taxpayers.If the Amadea had simply been detained inFiji and not seized by the United Statesout here live at Pepper Park inNational City, currently the USgovernment is paying to maintainthe amadea here in National Cit.That $1,000,000 figure is anestimate of what it typicallycost to maintain the vessel.But the DOJ does plan to sell teyacht at law at auction eventua,which would pay for the expensesincurred by the US government.And it is a beautifully hot Dav.It’s been nearly a yearsince that yacht was seized,and a lot of people have travel,traveled to the Bates just to check it out.It’s a a curiosity for people.But why has no forfeiture case nfiled in federal court at this point?Well, the DOJ did not respondto a request for comment.

One attorney told me typically aseizure case is filed within 90days after the asset is seized,but not in this case.This is a very complicated case,and prosecutors are going to haoprove who actually owns this ya,and that is going to take alot of international research.David Goffertson reportingfor us. Thanks, David.Crossing a new bridge, local,state and federal officials arecelebrating the largest bridge replacementin the city of San Diego’s hist.The much traveled W Mission Bay.Bridge takes visitors to our beaches andnow it has three lanes in each direction.The ribbon cutting ceremonyyou saw happened today.The original bridge connecting eOcean Beach and Midway area withMission Bay right over the San oRiver channel was built back in 1950.This new project began in 2018and cost $148 million.Still ahead, Donald Trump becomsthe first former U.S. Presidentobe arraigned on criminal charge.Plus how this deer was savedfrom the clutches of a MountainLion in just the nick of timeasking the sunshine for today.We’re going to keep seeing thatlthe way into our sunset, which is goingto be about 11 minutes after 7:.We’ll take a look at your week ahead.Not too much rain in it, that’s a hint.And why 20 police officersacross the state may lose theirbadges for good. But first,the tributes continue to pourin tonight from Aztecs fans.

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