Wherever you go, you’ll see Samsung and Apple

Wherever you go, you’ll see Samsung and Apple’s devices in the first place. As in every other place in Western Europe, these companies are in the first place.According to new reports, Sony became the third best seller in the first quarter of 2013. Samsung, which sold 14.3 million mobile devices, ranked first, and Apple ranked second with 6.2 million iPhone. Sony ranked third with 3.2 million mobile devices.Another surprise came from LG and the company ranked fourth with sales of 2.4 million phones. Last year, Sony and LG have doubled sales. With 1.6 million devices sold, LG followed Nokia, and HTC couldn’t even get into the top 5.When we look at the market share, Samsung has a share of 45%, while Apple has a share of 20% and Sony has a share of 10%. According to these figures, Sony has doubled its share compared to last year, while Apple experienced a decline.What do you understand the Htc quality .. you continue to defend the plastic. 2000 TL to get the device. After 5 months 1300 tl yi see samsung charisma say. you know what charisma this sucker ..

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