We have recently become accustomed to seeing the two companies

We have recently become accustomed to seeing the two companies at the top of the mobile world more than court corridors. While the main lawsuit continues in the United States, small-scale patent lawsuits are ongoing in different parts of the world. Finally, the Japanese judiciary announced the final decision on the use of Apple’s “bounce-back” patent on some Samsung models, and as a result the court found Apple justified.A case between the two, which began in August last year, ended completely. The Galaxy District Court ruled in favor of Samsung on the grounds that an Apple patent was infringed, enabling Galaxy to synchronize music and video data on smartphones and tablets. Apple’s appeal to the higher court in the decision after months of the result of the appeal. The Supreme Court of Intellectual Property in Tokyo stated that Samsung did not infringe a patent following the previous decision.Since these models are gold and titanium coated, the prices are quite expensive. The HTC One is available with a gold and titanium coating for the rich, with a price range of £ 1895 and £ 2095 for the Rose Gold version. This price is worth about 5750 and 6250 Turkish Lira.HTC made its mark on 2013 with the super flagship HTC One. HTC One has won many awards in 2013 for its design and features. Evaluating the popularity of this device, Gold Genie produced Titanium and Rose Gold versions.

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