The number one developer team in the Android

The number one developer team in the Android ecosystem makes a significant contribution to the mobile world by developing software based on the latest version of Android for many phones. The team that creates software that works with Pure Android also integrates important innovations into their software. One of them will be privacy mode in the coming days. In this way, all the information on the device (contacts, calendar, imei number, messages, browser history, etc.) will be under even more strict protection. In addition, the team also works on a platform where only CyanogenMod ROMs can be exchanged for free messaging among themselves.One development that is targeted by the popular developer team is HDR video recording support. It is reported that the feature, which is currently available on a limited number of phones, will be included in the software the team has prepared in the coming months. While the technology will be featured in the ROMs for HTC One and Xperia Z, many Android users will be able to capture HDR video in the coming period. HDR video shooting puts a certain strain on the system, and therefore the phones in which the feature is to be found must have a considerable amount of equipment. HDR video support is expected to take place in mid-range and high-end phones rather than the entry level.

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