Google recently updated the Gmail

Google recently updated the Gmail application and foresee comprehensive innovations, Google released a small update for the popular mail application. The most important innovation in the new update was the removal of the delete button from the quick access bar. This deletion button could be achieved by making some adjustments to the settings tab, but this still attracted the response of many users. Another innovation offered is the selection of multiple messages by touching the images on the left side of incoming emails. You can also access the Gmail application, which is reported to have made a number of improvements, here.A new claim came up for Samsung’s third-generation Note model, which will be unveiled at the IFA Berlin event in September. South Korea’s reputable news sites ETNews, Samsung’s Galaxy Note III will use two different screens claimed. The production of AMOLED displays is a challenging process, and although Samsung is developing new methods every day, the desired level cannot be achieved, which may force the South Korean manufacturer to use LCD panels.Samsung, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LCD panels, purchased Sharp’s 3% slice last month. The development has been interpreted as using some of the Samsung’s IGZO LCD panels from Sharp.

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