Free messaging applications are especially

Free messaging applications are especially popular among young people from the mobile world. WhatsApp is the most preferred among these applications. WhatsApp, which is highly preferred by Android and iOS, has reached 200 million users per day. What made BlackBerry users special for some time, but not as much as WhatsApp BlackBerry users to allow themselves to chat between themselves BB Messenger, WhatsApp’in success to attract the side of the iOS and Android side will be presented through official channels announced.Some delays have been reported in the application scheduled for June 27, while BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced in a quarterly financial report that the company will be on Android and iOS platform by the end of summer. This development means that users will have to wait a while for the messaging application. In the first stage, it is expected that voice and video call support will be provided until the end of the year.The BlackBerry Messenger application, which does not want to be satisfied with the Android side, LG, HTC, Sony and ZTE brands such as pre-installed on the phone to take place in the necessary work is also among the information.

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